Trauma or Tension Releasing Exercises is an innovative modality used to overcome the effects of stress and trauma on our lives. It is a somatic-based approach that induces a natural tremor reflex in our bodies. This tremor or shake reflex, when done in a safe and comforting setting, helps our bodies process and let go of unresolved trauma. Developed by Dr. Bercelli, TRE has been used worldwide to help communities that endure hardships such as natural disasters, poverty, violence, and war.

It depends. Every TRE experience is slightly different and people have a range of different experiences. Most people find the experience to be extremely relaxing and calming, and use the method a few times a week as a self-care tool. Over time, bit by bit, they work through their traumas processing challenging events in the past. However, sometime, people report a deep, intense, transformative experience in a single session, where they feel radically different afterwards with a new sense of freedom, connection, and peace in their lives.

TRE is profound because it is a self-healing tool. Once you learn the method at one of the workshops, you can shake when you need it most and at your own pace. Many people incorporate it into their daily routine, such as before going to bed or to help calm their nerves before a stressful event like a work presentation or a date. By attending a SkippTheStress class, you will have the knowledge and experience to incorporate this new tool into your life. However, many clients report that they have more successful shake experiences when they join the online classes because of the benefits that come with shaking in a group (in person or virtually). By being part of a group, there is a sense of connection, safety, and trust that creates an environmental for deep healing.

On average, in a group TRE session of twenty people, there is usually only one or two that don’t experience the tremor/shaking response. This could happen for a variety of reasons, and the coach leading the class will speak with you afterward to find the cause and make some suggestions. Anyone who doesn’t feel the shaking, is welcome to join another class to try again at no cost.

TRE is very safe and you can stop the experience at any time if it becomes too intense or uncomfortable. Some people may need extra support during the process and we offer private sessions on a limited basis, for individuals who have more complex needs. Please consult your medical provider, before starting any exercise program. If you are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder or are on any psychiatric medication, please only participate in a TRE class under the supervision of a medical provider.

The most important thing is to come to the class without any expectations. When people try too hard to get a specific outcome from the experience, it can hinder their success in the program. By trusting the process and the body’s ability to heal, you can get out of your own way, and let the body do what it needs to do. Other more practical things you can do, is to find a safe, comfortable, and quiet place with good wifi connection. Make sure you have a carpet or yoga mat where you can comfortably lay on the floor. Wear loose fitting, relaxed clothing that you can do light exercise in. Make sure you do the TRE experience on a stress-free day without too many responsibilities where you can relax afterwards and integrate the experience. Optional items to enhance the experience include a pillow, eye mask, blanket, bolster for under the knees, a journal, herbal tea, and incense.