We’ve helped thousands of people heal and transform from the effects of Trauma.

Trauma Releasing Exercises is an innovative, approach to release toxic stress and trauma from our bodies and our lives. The approach is unique as it doesn’t rely on talk therapy or other cognitive approaches, but rather relies on the body’s innate ability to release and let go of stress and trauma physically. It does this through releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. This somatic method helps us tap into the natural tremor response to release excess energy in our nervous systems that occurs after a stressful or overwhelming event or series of events. The method was developed by Dr. David Bercelli.

DISCLAIMER: SkippTheStress is a wellness services and does not offer any medical advice, and does not prevent, diagnosis, or treat disease. Please consult with a healthcare provider prior to starting any exercise program.

What’s with the name?

Skipp the Stress was inspired by Skipper, my brother’s golden retriever. Dogs provide amazing emotional support and it is why they’re often called “Therapy Fluffies”. Skipp, like Trauma Release Exercises provides sense of warmth, connection, and makes people feel safe. Many dog owners have noticed their dog start to shake or tremor when scared. Dogs, like most mammals, are tuned into their own tremor response and practice TRE on a regular basis.

About the Founder

Spencer Stein, MPH believes in movement and exercise as the ultimate form of medicine. After surviving a near fatal paragliding crash in college and overcoming spinal cord surgery, he went on a healing journey to recover from the physical and emotional effect of his challenging medical case. Spencer was diagnosed with PTSD, chronic shoulder, knee, and back pain, and tried over 60 different traditional and alternative modalities to overcome his health issues. Spencer eventually found TRE in 2015, which turned everything around. He received his TRE certification in 2016 and his Master’s in Public Health from University of San Diego to deliver natural, exercise-based health interventions to his local community. He now he delivers it globally through Zoom. Spencer also runs PostureMechanix.com where he delivers postural alignment therapy, a solution that resolves chronic pain and improves whole body postural alignment.