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Trauma Releasing Exercises is an innovative technique used to process unresolved stress and trauma. It is a physical/somatic approach to work through one’s tension and trauma, rather than a mental or psychological approach. The method works by inducing a natural tremor response in the body that helps people (quite literally) shake off their stress, which re-balances their nervous systems. Participants find the experience soothing, relaxing, and a way to let go of things in life that might be holding them back.

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Heal from trauma from the comfort of your own home

With our virtual Zoom class, our expert TRE coaches will take you through the transformative experience to reset your nervous system. You will be able to shake out your trauma in the comfort of your own home, and you’ll put an end to chronic stress. You will find deep levels of peace, relaxation, and presence in everyday life.

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What are the benefits of TRE

  • Better sleep
  • More calmness and relaxation
  • Feeling more connection and openness
  • Feeling safe and grounded
  • Better concentrations
  • Reduced irritability and aggressive behavior
  • Reduced hypervigiligence, alertness
  • Reduced feelings of numbness or disassociation

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Meet your Trauma Release Exercise Coach

Spencer Stein, MPH is a certified provider of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, and has been teaching class since 2017. He learned about the method after being clinically diagnosed with PTSD after surviving a near fatal paragliding crash and spinal cord surgery. Spencer spent years looking for an answer to cope with his stress and trauma and eventually found TRE. Spencer’s life changed and he has been determined to share somatic based therapies with the world.

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What’s included in a workshop

(75 minute experience)

  • Welcome and Introduction – 3 minutes
  • Understand the basics of trauma and its effects – 2 minutes
  • Learn the theory and history of Trauma Releasing Exercises – 5 minutes
  • Learn how to do each of the 7 exercise properly – 25 minutes
  • Learn how to induce and control the tremor reflex – 5 minutes
  • Enter the tremor experience – 15 minutes
  • Integrate the experience – 10 minutes
  • Group reflection on the experience – 10 minutes
  • Next steps and conclusion – 5 minutes

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